In order to ensure a smooth and safe competition, we have defined new approaches. These primarily concern safety, boat launching, handling of combustible materials, operation and identification of staff and guests, environmental regulations and general behaviour in competitions.

Pit area


Each driver must belong to a team. The team consists of a driver and a team manager. The amount of team staff is not limited. The competitor must be a member of a boat club (in Finland a boat club belonging to SPV). It is also recommended that team manager and other team members join the boat club. The boat clubs offer a variety of fun and benefits in addition to powerboat racing, which is why boat club membership is of interest to all team members.

To ensure security, consistency, functionality and communication, from 2018 onwards each team is requested to provide the following elements (in addition to the UIM rules and national regulations):


A single or recognizable graphical element, such as a logo, color, etc. The easiest way to do this is for example using a uniform T-shirt in the team color.

The promoter negotiates with different garment manufacturers to gain fair discounts for all teams e.g. the purchase of Team clothing. Additional info


Each must shall have a tent with a minimum size of 3x3m. High-quality tents at reasonable prices can be found at

To fulfill the safety requirements of the tent and the pit area a smoke detector must be installed in each tent. At the LEFT front corner of each tent a fire extinguisher (min. 2kg) shall be placed. This will allow the team members of all teams to start the extinguishing works as quickly as possible as they know where the fire extinguisher can be found. Each team shall acquire their fire extinguisher by themselves, the smoke detectors will be provided by the promoter at arrival for the first race (max. 1 detector per team per season).


Each team shall have a contact person and provide the following contact information:

Team name

Contact person

Phone number



The contact person is responsible for distributing shared information within the team and for the team complying with any guidelines. If the team has its own communication channel, e.g. Websites, FB or similar, please share them with the promoters so that they can be added as links to the webpage

All teams shall register to the events by 31.5.2019.

Additional information about the teams are welcome.

If you join as a team during the season, please provide the required information to RACEWKND! As soon as possible, but not later than one week before the first competition you intend to participate in.


Guests are very welcome! In order to ensure smooth and safe competitions, guests shall be instructed to behave in the pit area in such a way, that the teams are not disturbed and that there is no risk to them or others. Detailed instructions are always provided in advance of registration to a competition.

So invite friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives and everyone else interested in powerboat racing. In particular, you should ask your potential drivers to have a healthy competitive spirit as well as a good team spirit. The larger the crowd, the nicer the event.


Each team has the right to freely obtain sponsors. Sponsors may be shown without restrictions on equipment, clothing and team communications.

However, teams must reserve space for the promoter and the NKT, e.g. on the boat (race number) and all communications that mention Uim, SPV, NKT or RACEWKND!


After each race an electronic survey will be carried out to identify the competition level (points) and allow further development of the competitions. Participation to the surveys is highly appreciated.

Of course, you can also give feedback directly to Nuppu, Johannes or Kurt. Contact details below.


We hope that the teams publish free materials (in compliance with image and usage rights), such as images and texts of competitors and equipment, so that the racewknd! webpage can be made as versatile as possible.

We also hope that all participants, team members and guests enjoy a brisk and, above all, positive experience and feel the good team spirit in our passion. There will certainly be failures and a lot of developments along the way, but with a supportive and positive attitude we will certainly survive and make powerboat racing even more fascinating.

Passion for Powerboat Racing!